8-year-old dog awarded a doctorate in the United States

A Labrador dog named Moose like last week was Virginia Tech University, USA awarded Ph.D. Veterinary after 6 years of “dedication” to a counseling center in this case.

Daily News reported that the awarding ceremony for the doctorate to Moose was conducted online last Friday. The dog has received a lot of compliments and affection from everyone.

Moose has been a therapist at the Virginia Tech University’s Cook Advice Center since 2014, and has given enough time for the center to receive a PhD.

Not only has “seniority”, Moose also has a lot of experience on many roles. Moose is both a therapeutic animal for patients undergoing cancer treatment and a recipient of cancer therapy for research.

According to a Virginia Tech University announcement, Moose himself was also diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Moose has undergone radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

According to the announcement of the University of Virginia, Moose is one of four dogs at the counseling center taking on the role of therapeutic animals and the mental health awareness ambassador at Cook Center. It has participated in more than 7,500 consultations and more than 500 other events in 6 years of “working” at Virginia Tech University.

Moose collaborates with consultant Trent Davis, who has worked for 10 years at the Cook Center. Davis is also the one who started the animal-assisted therapy program for students who fit this approach.

“Some people do not experience well with others, or even with other dogs. When exposed to both types of patients, Moose made them feel safe, comfortable, “Mr. Davis interviewed. “These students consider Moose as a host to receive them, and they are not worried that Moose will judge them.”

“When not at work, Moose likes to swim, play tug of war and perhaps Moose likes eating out,” the statement from the University of Virginia added.

According to Daily News

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