A young man intentionally spread Covid-19 and "show off" online

A young man recorded a video of himself licking the goods on display in the supermarket, then “showing off” online. This unconscious and dangerous act has made many netizens angry.

In the context of the epidemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, which is spreading rapidly across the globe, many people have taken various measures to protect themselves and their families, including self-isolation and avoidance measures. away from everyone, some still show irresponsible behavior and take crazy selfish actions.Recently, a video is being spread rapidly on social networks, showing a young man with an undisclosed identity, who has taken an unacceptable act, as a way that according to this young man is to challenge the Covid-19 virus.

Appearing in a video of his own recording, this young man declared: “Who is afraid of the coronavirus? Don’t touch your mouth? ”, And then use the tongue to sickle all the products that are on the shelves in the supermarket and seem very excited about their actions.

The young man then posted his action video on social networks as a way to “show off his achievements”. The Twitter account, Antifa Public Watch, uploaded the video and quickly attracted nearly 2.5 million views, hundreds of thousands of comments and feelings.

Many netizens expressed their indignation at the actions of this young man, many even though it was an act of crime.“It is disgusting. What did he think and want to prove when doing this move his? ”, A netizen expressed indignation.“It is a crime and he deserves to be imprisoned for his actions. It’s unbelievable, ”another netizen commented.

“What if he is infected with the coronavirus and takes this action? Hundreds and thousands of people could be infected with this deadly virus, and he would enjoy it? It’s scary, ”another netizen said.

“I wish he would get a real coronavirus to deserve what he wants. Of course, I wish he would become infected with the virus after making this clip so that no one would spread the virus from him, ”commented a Twitter user.

Among those who expressed frustration with the actions of this young man also has a famous British journalist and TV host, Piers Morgan. He re-shared the video on his personal Twitter page, along with a comment: “Find him out, arrest him and put him in jail. Refuse any medical attention if he is infected with the virus. Let’s see how this guy feels when his chest falls and he can’t breathe because of the virus. ”Currently, many netizens are calling for the identity of young people in the clip. Many people believe that the clip was shot in the US and was posted on social networks Snapchat before “fever” on Twitter.

Earlier, not long ago, a young man named D’Adrien Anderson, living in Texas (USA), recorded a video of the moment he licked ice cream in a supermarket and put it in the fridge. This person was later arrested and imprisoned for 30 days with a fine of US $ 1,000 and compensation of US $ 1,565 for supermarkets.

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Written by Mr. Zero

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