After a night with ex-love, I don’t know now I pregnant with my husband or him

“In a comfortable, private space, on the sofa, he kissed me, feeling as close as ever. So I responded …”.

I am 29 years old, my husband is 31 years old. Both of us are over the age of want to play around and are expecting a baby. We have been married for 3 years.

Before I got married, I had a deep love affair with a student classmate. Unfortunately, he went to study abroad and stayed there to work. Our feelings were broken, maybe because we were far away from our hearts.

My husband is now a very lovely man. He is calm, mature and loves his wife. I thought I would wholeheartedly support this small family, with my husband to nurture and give birth to the baby until …

I got a call from my ex. He just returned to Vietnam on a business trip looking for new business opportunities. He thought we should meet. Coincidentally, my husband also had two days to go to the South to discuss business with his friends. I thought it was fate, so I agreed to meet my ex. I really want to know how he’s been.

We chatted for hours at a coffee shop. He is married to a western girl, they have a beautiful hybrid son. He was successful and this trip returned to seek opportunities to expand the market in his homeland. I almost forgot that there was no gap between us for 7-8 years, because he still did, the way we talked to each other was the same.

The afternoon was late, so he suggested that I go to the hotel where he was staying for dinner. We still have too much to talk about, too many things to say before each other. So I agree.

Later in the evening, when he invited me to the room for coffee, I was intoxicated by having a few glasses of wine for dinner. I went to his room. In a comfortable, private space, on the sofa, he kissed me, feeling as close as ever. So I replied. What happened after that is no longer under my control.

After that day, we both understood that we had made a mistake. In fact, he loves his family and me too. So we decided to stop, that would be the last time the two of us met.

Ironically, a few weeks after the incident, I discovered I was pregnant again. When I went to see the doctor, the fertilization day was only a few days before I was with my ex. My menstrual cycle is not regular. My husband and I want to have children, so our husband and wife have regular activities 3 times a week. But now I don’t know whose pregnancy.

My husband is very happy to hear about the new member, and I am worried, what if the baby is born, not his child? What if he knew I had betrayed even once?

The confidant remain anonymous

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Written by Mr. Zero

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