After death, your brain still works

Your Brain Still Works After Death


We often assume that a dead person is when their heart stops beating, their breathing and circulatory systems are no longer functioning. But by means of the EEG, the scientists found that the brain was still active for about 10 minutes and this was the last organ that remained active before we “really died.” And for each person, the EEG signal appears to be different, which shows that people experience death differently.

Research also shows that, after the heart stops, we are still aware of 2 to 20 seconds. This is because the cerebral cortex, the area responsible for thought and decision making, can still function without oxygen. And after this time, most areas of the brain are no longer active, except the memory center. Before the brain stops working completely, all of the emotional memories throughout our life will turn to reality again and again. All of the deepest joys, blisses, or sorrows, glide right in front of your eyes, and then disappear into darkness forever.

How do you feel after reading the above lines? Does understanding the near-death experience make you rethink your current life, what is really important? The last 10 minutes of life will be filled with joy or regret, it’s all up to you!

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Written by Mr. Zero

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