Betrayed, gift for lover … 1 ton of onions

A young Chinese woman was extremely upset when she learned that her lover cheated on her. She had sent him a ton of onions as a way of revenge for the damage he had done to her.

For young Chinese couples, May 20 is similar to Valentine’s Day in Western countries. But for Ms. Zhao (in Zibo, Shandong), this day only made her more miserable because she had been betrayed by her boyfriend.

A few days ago, she was shocked to see her boyfriend’s love messages for other girls. She knew that she had been deceived for so long. Unable to bear it any longer, she ended the relationship and cried tears all these days.

After learning that her ex-boyfriend was still as if nothing had happened and continued to live happily, Ms. Zhao came up with a unique way of retaliating.

She ordered a tonne on the internet and sent them to the door of her ex-lover’s door with the message: “You have made me cry for the past 3 days and now I return it to you.”

According to Shandong and Sina newspaper, the shipper took tons of tons to the right address and said, “If he doesn’t cry, I’ll make up for it.”

Ms. Zhao’s ex-boyfriend was not present when the onions arrived. So when he got home, a pile of onions filled his door. Neighbors said the smell of onion flew all over the building.

“I don’t know if he cries but my nose is stuffy because of this smell. Now the whole area smells like onion, ”said a resident in the same area as her former boyfriend Trieu.

According to ODC

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