Catch a crocodile without… teeth, it drowned the 17-year-old girl

An old crocodile was caught after attacking a young woman. Although there was no teeth, it promptly drowned the girl.

The crocodile is 5m long caught Devi Binti Sulaiman, 17 years old, while the girl was playing with her friend on the banks of the Sebamban River (southern Kalimantan, Indonesia) on the afternoon of 10/5 in the 34 degree Celsius heat.

The crocodile was caught after people used chickens as bait.

Devi’s friends cried out in fear when the crocodile grabbed her hand and dragged it into the water. They called for relief and hundreds of villagers went down the river to find Devi.

5 hours later, they discovered the girl was 100m away from the crocodile attack, in critical condition, with nosebleeds, head and hands but her body was intact. This is a rare thing indeed. However, they were unable to save Devi.

Last Friday, the villagers caught the giant crocodile after using the chicken as bait. It was pulled ashore in front of hundreds of people watching.

At this time people know all the teeth of the crocodile has shed due to age or disease.

The crocodile found no teeth.

The representative of the Loban River Police Department confirmed that the crocodile had no teeth. The crocodile was taken to Jhonlin reserve.

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