Doubt about unusual incidents at Wuhan lab

U.S. and British intelligence is believed to be investigating cell phone data, suggesting the laboratory in Wuhan may have to close emergency doors due to an incident in October last year.

The Telegraph reported that the US and UK intelligence agencies are researching a 24-page report collected by NBC that shows no mobile calls in the high security area of ​​the Vu Virological Institute. Han period from October 7 to October 24, 2019, in stark contrast to the previous one.

This report, prepared by independent experts, indicates the possibility of a “dangerous incident” at the Biosafety Laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology from October 6 to October 11. last year. Analysis of mobile phone data in the area surrounding the Wuhan Institute of Virology also showed a ban on the area during October 14-19, 2019.

However, experts say that this report needs to be carefully evaluated as it may only rely on limited mobile data and there may be other reasons for changes in mobile phone usage. .

It is not clear which private organization is behind the leaked analysis of this mobile data. In addition to the British and US intelligence agencies, the US Senate Intelligence Committee is believed to have accessed the report.

The news comes after senior US officials said there was “evidence” that the Covid-19 pandemic virus originated in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. Beijing has denied the allegations.

The Covid-19 outbreak started in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China late last year. There is still much debate about the origin of this acute pneumonia virus. While the US hypothesized that the virus originated in the lab, many countries rejected it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly said that the virus causing Covid-19 is naturally derived.

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