Expert, government and the American changed views on how the mask?

Experts, the government and the American people have changed their attitudes and habits to wear masks to prevent infection with the new strain of coronavirus, although a few months ago it was considered unthinkable.

Employees and customers wear masks when washing their hair at a beauty salon on April 24 after Georgia, the US loosened restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – Photo: REUTERS

CNN on April 24 published an article titled, “Asia seems right about corona virus and masks, and the rest of the world is gradually agreeing.”

For Asians, the need to wear a mask in public is considered an effective strategy across the continent to limit and prevent the spread of the new strain of corona virus.

However, in other parts of the world, especially in the United States, a few months ago many public health officials, politicians and prominent medical experts once confidently declared masks did not help. What to expect and urge people to focus on washing their hands and keeping a distance to limit infection.

The effect of masks

By the end of February, surgeon Jerome Adams, on Twitter, urged people to “Stop buying masks!” When it is considered that masks do not work to prevent the virus-infected community and people should use masks for health workers to treat COVID-19 patients. Mr. Adams’s post has been “retweeted” more than 43,000 times.

At the same time, when asked about whether people need to wear masks, Mr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), immediately said: “No”.

The US CDC, along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and a number of other public health agencies and experts, have said that masks do not work and are only needed for health workers and patients.

Earlier this week, on April 20, Mr. Redfield admitted that the CDC was reviewing the guidelines and may issue a general recommendation to wear a mask to protect people from community infection. CNN said it was only a matter of time for other organizations, typically WHO, to follow suit and make similar recommendations.

In March, Adrien Burch, a microbiologist at the University of California-Berkeley, once noted “despite hearing that a mask is ‘not working’, you have not seen strong evidence to support this claim. That’s because the evidence doesn’t exist. ” However, the fact proves the opposite when the mask has helped prevent viral infections like the current pandemic.

Mayor of Los Angeles, USA, Mr. Eric Garcetti wore a mask to call people back to wear a mask when returning to work – Photo: Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office

From the outset, the Hong Kong Special Zone Government and many other Asian governments have recommended that people wear masks in public areas regardless of whether or not they have symptoms of infection. Some parts of the West were surprised by the action, arguing that Asia has an “obsession” with masks, although this strategy has contributed to the spread of the disease in many countries in the region.

Taiwan, South Korea and mainland China, all requiring people to wear masks in public places, have witnessed a great effect in stopping the epidemic from spreading to European and North American countries that are not used to wearing it. face mask.

Speaking to CNN, Ivan Hung, an infectious disease specialist at Hong Kong Medical University, said that “looking at Hong Kong data, wearing a mask is probably the most important thing in controlling infection.” masks not only reduce cases of coronary infections but also reduce cases of influenza. In fact this is the flu season and we have almost no cases of flu. “

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump in early April also called on Americans to wear masks to protect themselves against COVID-19.

More than half of the passengers do not wear masks

Major US airlines, heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, have also issued their own rules about wearing masks. Typically, United Airlines on April 23 said it would require flight attendants to wear masks when on duty from April 24 (US time), according to CNN.

This is the first major US airline to issue the above regulation.

However, in the context of reduced travel demand due to the epidemic and many flights in the US with very few passengers, something rare happened on the flight from Miami to New York’s LaGuardia airport on April 22, according to New York Post newspaper. Angie Wong passenger on American Airlines Flight 2669 said that 80-90% of the seats are occupied, but about half of these seats do not wear masks. Mrs. Wong was very surprised by this.

The rare thing happened when the largest flight crew of the United States asked the US Department of Transportation to stipulate that passengers on commercial flights must wear masks.

According to Business Insider, 7 states in the US including New York have required people to wear masks in public places.

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