Go robbery, “dominant play” with a mask … watermelon

Recently, police posted a search for two robbers in Virginia. What is special is that these two men committed a crime while wearing a watermelon rind over their heads to hide their identities.

The way the two criminals camouflage is very unique.

Criminals did not use masks or masks in the traditional way, but used watermelon on the gut as a tool. In order to do so, they certainly had to think, plan and eventually execute the robbery methodically.

The Louisa police department has posted photos of the incident on its official social networking website. Since then, the photos have received a lot of likes, shared at breakneck speeds and commented on by thousands of people.

In a statement, police forces said:

“The Louisa town police department is conducting a sarcastic investigation and is in need of help from the people in identifying and locating objects in these attached photos.

On May 6, 2020, at 21:35, two subjects went to the Sheetz store in a 2006 LIFTED black Toyota Tacoma. They had worn hollow perforated watermelons to open their eyes. and entered the store, proceeding with robbery.

If anyone has information about a crime and wants to report it to the Louisa police department, use the phrase “watermelon head” to refer to this case. “

More surprisingly, Sheetz store is not the only place where two bandits commit criminal acts. In the comment section of the Facebook post, a netizen shared photos of the two suspects at another store.

It is unclear whether the crimes were committed on the same day but certainly, they were dressed in the same clothes as in the CCTV footage posted by the police.

Since conducting the investigation, Louisa police has arrested a suspect, suspected to be one of the two “watermelon heads”. However, it is not clear whether the police have found the whereabouts of the other suspect.

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