How did Megan Fox spend 16 years of the youth in a love affair?

Hollywood’s sexy icon – Megan Fox – spent 16 years of his youth with actor Brian Austin Green. Fox has been pursuing Green since he was 18, despite the age gap.

In Hollywood, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were once one of the longest-lasting couples, they had been together for 16 years, going through many ups and downs, until they announced their split in mid-May. . The couple has 10 years of marriage and have 3 sons aged 4-8.

The couple’s relationship has gone through a lot of rough times, at least they have officially announced their breakup before but then made up again and made new steps in the relationship, like holding a kiss. secret ceremony or more children.

But this time, Fox (34) has decided to temporarily leave family life with Green (46) and is rumored to have “crushed” rapper Machine Gun Kelly (30). Green has made official share about the definitive breakup, making this separation seem like a real farewell between the two.

Take a look at the love affair between sexy icon Megan Fox and 12-year-old actor – Brian Austin Green for the past 16 years:

2004: The couple first met on the set of a sitcom called “Hope & Faith”, Fox was only 18 years old and Green was 30, though Fox didn’t know who Green was, but Fox said from the first time. Meeting her, she felt the attraction between the two.

At this time, Green had a 2-year-old son from a previous relationship. Although the two have feelings, but Green does not want to turn a moment of vibration into a serious relationship:

“I just stepped out of one relationship and I didn’t want to immediately enter another. Thinking it was funny, I kept pushing her away because I really didn’t feel like I wanted to enter another relationship, but she thought it was interesting and more persistent. decided to date with me “.

Previously, Megan Fox also revealed that Green was at first indifferent in entering a serious relationship with her, because the age gap between the two was quite large:

“I have to convince him that I am a girl who is responsible, talks well, listens and has a lot of things for a relationship, I don’t just have youth and effervescence. , even though I was 18 at the time. Green is 30 years old now and he considers me a teenager. ”

2006: The couple had a tight-lipped relationship, in part because during this time, both of them didn’t have roles that garnered great attention. In 2006, they announced their engagement.

2009: The two are still in an engaged state, at which point Fox’s career begins to take off. Her role in the movie “Transformers” (2007) helped her become an A-list actor in Hollywood and a new sexy icon of the American screen. Meanwhile, Green also has many roles in the field of television.

At this time, rumors started to spread that Fox “fell in love” with his co-star in “Transformers” – actor Shia LaBeouf, although insiders did not raise their voice about this, but the couple announced their cancellation in early 2009. .

A few months after breaking up, Fox responded in an interview with Us Weekly magazine: “Marriage is not the goal of a 23-year-old girl. I want to focus on improving myself before committing to becoming someone’s wife. ”

2010: Despite announcing a breakup, photo hunters constantly see the couple together. In June 2010, they announced their engagement again. Fox shared with Us Weekly: “We feel even more connected than before. I loved him more than I loved. “

When asked about a wedding ceremony, Fox said it would take several years for them to think about it. But just two weeks later, they held a secret wedding in Hawaii. Green’s stepson, then 8 years old, was the only guest of the wedding.

2012: The couple dodged media in the early years of their marriage, until Fox announced his first son in 2012, when the boy was full months.

Back then, Fox announced the good news on social media: “I gave birth to my first son Noah Shannon Green on September 27. The boy is healthy, cute and cute. We are very happy when we become parents of this beautiful boy ”.

2013: In an interview with Marie Claire magazine in early 2013, Fox shared her relationship: “I think we were very lucky. I believe he is my soul mate. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work hard on this relationship, because we’re so different. But we are generous with each other and try to be patient with each other. ”

2014: The couple welcomed their second son, Bodhi Ransom Green, who was born in February 2014. Also in this year, Fox shared many times about the couple running out of feelings for each other and no longer happy and romantic as before.

While Green shared in an interview that he wanted to have more children, Fox immediately shared: “He wants to have more children but on the condition that he does not have to get his hands on anything. ”. Immediately, aroused rumors about the couple discord.

2015: In the first half of the year, the couple did not appear together. In August, Fox announced that it had filed for divorce because of irreparable differences. She also asked the two sides to share the upbringing of their two sons. Despite such claims, the two sides are still in the same house.

2016: When the divorce story is not over yet, Megan Fox is … pregnant. She surprised when appearing at the event with round 2 … “chubby”. Fox shared that the child’s father is Green. The couple reappeared in public more often.

The divorce is delayed. According to some sources, the incident was completely unexpected for both Fox and Green, but the two were very happy to receive the good news about having more children. In early August 2016, Fox gave birth to a third son – the boy Journey to Green.

2017: The couple still lives quite tight-lipped. But Green said in a conversation that marriage was hard for him: “It is also a form of work. When you have children and have been married for a while, you only know how to perform the tasks of each day and live each day. Many people see divorce or problems as a disappointment, not so.

“I have no problem with problems or problems, because I don’t have any expectations. The positive fact in every situation, is that we had 3 lovely children. We have been and still have a great relationship. ” Green said he also wanted to have a daughter with his four boys.

2019: In December, the couple appeared at an event in Hollywood, this is the first time in 5 years, they officially appeared together in public and also the last before they announced their break up. recently.

May 2020: Fox appears with rapper Machine Gun Kelly despite a social isolation order due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Previously, the two had worked together on a new film project, beginning to have rumors that they had “fallen in love” with each other.

At this time, Green spoke about how he and Fox have come to a temporary decision to give each other private space since December last year.

Green said that Fox had a few weeks of filming away from home last November, she felt excited about the new independence found when not being with Green: “She told me she received so when she goes out to work and live alone, she finds herself, loves herself more and thinks it is worth trying. ”

Green stated that there was no hatred between them: “None of us did anything wrong with the other. She is always honest with me. I was always honest with her. We had a great relationship. I will always love her. “

Just this week, Machine gun Kelly released a new music video called “Bloody Valentine” with the appearance of Megan Fox.

At this time, Fox and Green have officially confirmed the breakup and will raise three children together. But from what happened in their relationship, Green and Fox’s farewell also took time … to verify.

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