Instagram star criticized for selling virginity in support of the anti-epidemic the COVID-19

Sarah Salsabila offered to auction her virginity with a starting price of 2 billion Indonesian Rupiahs (more than 3.2 billion) but later apologized and declared that she wanted to attract attention.

Sarah is quite a famous person on Instagram

An Instagram star has angered netizens after offering to sell his virginity for a hefty price to raise money for frontline coronary anti-virus employees. The girl is named Sarah Salsabila, an influential person in Indonesia and has an account named Sarah Keihl on Instagram.

Sarah made an offer in one of her videos, stating that she is willing to auction her virginity at a starting price of 2 billion Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR).

“A rather difficult decision in my life. Perhaps only some of you will understand this, but I have decided to do so to raise funds to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.” , Sarah said in the video.

The young girl said that the proceeds from the auction will go to Covid-19 health workers and those affected by the pandemic. Sarah told 232,000 followers at the time that the auction would begin at 9 pm Wednesday, Indonesia time.

Her shocking statement made the netizens angry

After the video was posted, the young girl faced a backlash from Indonesian netizens. Before that situation, Sarah said that the auction is not real but just a “satire” aimed at people who do not see the seriousness of the corona virus.

“I’m sorry for creating the controversy. In fact, virginity auction is my idea to satire people who are not sensitive to the situation.

I am really sorry for all the inconvenience I caused. I didn’t think the article was so objectionable and in the first place, I didn’t even intend to sell my virginity, “Sarah said.

Sarah also said that she and her family received enough criticism from the post, so she decided to buy 1,000 bags of daily necessities as an apology. In addition, Sarah said the IDR 2 billion would be only “half” and she would “never sell herself or her dignity”.

According to DS

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