Online meeting with the President, sudden inspiration nude to take a shower forgot to turn off the camera

A Brazilian man recently experienced an extremely embarrassing moment revealing a nude image in front of a camera during an online meeting with the country’s president.

The naked man takes a shower (circled in red) between the meeting via Zoom and the Brazilian President.

The incident occurred during a meeting to discuss the effect of the blockade on the Brazilian economy, chaired by Paulo Skaf, head of the Brazilian Federation of Industries, Sao Paulo (FIESP). The meeting was held online, with the participation of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and a number of other government officials and business representatives.

When Mr. Skaf was speaking, President Bolsonaro interrupted: “There was a colleague (with his avatar) in the lower corner area of ​​the screen, he seemed to be leaving, not following the meeting anymore, he are you OK?”.

Brazilian Industry Minister Paulo Guedes, who also attended the meeting at the time, added: “There was a man bathing and naked. It seems he feels hot inside the meeting, so he takes a shower to cool off. ”

President Bolsonaro is said to have added, “Sorry we have seen. Even if it’s just a blurry image, we have seen it. ”

To save face for this man, his identity was not made public in Brazilian newspapers. It is still unknown why he left the computer on the bathroom in a computer when he attended an online meeting.

Last month, Mr. Vaughan Gething, the Welsh health minister was heard swearing, slandering his colleague Jenny Rathbone during an online call when he forgot to turn off his microphone. After the others in the call heard this swear word, everyone in the meeting was surprised, scratched their heads, plucked their ears in the right way and was speechless.

Everyone’s reactions are shared on Twitter.

Mr. Vaughan later apologized publicly on Twitter: “I am very ashamed of my comments at the end of the online meeting. I have sent an apology message to Jenny Rathbone and would like to speak to her directly if needed. This is a mistake that is distracting us in an unprecedented time of challenge. ”

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