The FBI successfully unlocked the shooter’s iPhone without Apple helping

After repeatedly asking for help but being refused by Apple, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was able to unlock the culprit’s iPhone himself to search for important information inside.

On December 6, 2019, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani caused a shootings at a US Navy base in Pensacola (Florida, USA), killing 3 people and injuring 8. The shooter was then shot dead by security forces.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized an iPhone from Alshamrani and asked Apple to assist in unlocking the iPhone. The FBI believes that Alshamrani’s unlocking of the iPhone will enable investigators to search for more important information related to this name, and to know if any accomplices helped him in the shootings.

The FBI was able to unlock the shooter’s iPhone without Apple assistance (Artwork).

Apple later refused to assist the FBI in unlocking Alshamrani’s iPhone on the grounds that the iPhone had a high level of security and could not unlock the device whether Apple wanted it or not, which caused the FBI to carry out the crack itself. lock the iPhone.

According to analysts, Apple does not want to help the FBI unlock the iPhone because it wants to protect its reputation. Part of Apple is afraid of losing trust in users by showing that it will do everything to protect the personal information of users stored on the iPhone, on the other hand, Apple wants to promote the security power on the iPhone when no one is Can break the lock to get data inside the device.

Recently, the FBI announced that it was able to successfully unlock the Alshamrani iPhone without the help of Apple. From the information obtained inside the iPhone’s name, the FBI said there is evidence that Alshamrani contact with al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Justice Secretary William Barr said the encrypted iPhone caused a lot of difficulties in the investigation process, however, the FBI was able to successfully crack the device to find information. valuable.

“Thanks to the great work of the FBI, and not to Apple, we were able to unlock Alshamrani’s iPhone,” Secretary William Barr said, not forgetting to show a grudge against Apple for not supporting the process. investigate.

“Apple’s decision could have dangerous consequences for public safety and national security, which I think is unacceptable,” Barr said. “Apple wants to protect the privacy of its customers, which is understandable, but not at all costs. There is no reason why a company like Apple could not create a solution for the authorities to access their devices and applications, while ensuring high security standards. ”

Meanwhile, FBI Director Christopher Wray has criticized Apple for not helping the FBI unlock the shooter’s iPhone, leaving the FBI time-consuming and unlocking. Wray also said that the data found on Alshamrani’s iPhone lost some value because it was old due to taking too long to unlock the device.

The relationship between Apple and the FBI has been strained since 2016, when the FBI asked Apple to unlock the iPhone belonging to Syed Rizwan Farook, the culprit in the shooting in San Bernardino City (California, USA) that caused 14 people died and at least 21 were injured. However, Apple at the time confirmed that the iPhone could not be unlocked and rejected the FBI request.

The FBI later allegedly spent $ 1.3 million to unlock Farook’s iPhone. After successfully penetrating Farook’s iPhone, the FBI said the agency had gathered a lot of important information that it had never held before, but found no evidence that Farook was involved. Self-proclaimed Islamic State Organization (IS). The FBI has also provided information from the terrorist’s iPhone to other US government agencies for various purposes.

According to The Verge / 9to5Mac

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