The girl was separated by her boyfriend because she lived in the center of the epidemic Corona area

The reason why she was “kicked” was because her boyfriend “don’t want to die for love”.

Pandemic Corona virus outbreaks in Wuhan, Hubei, China have been for a while. The situation is increasingly difficult to control, there are no signs to be controlled. Wuhan and neighboring provinces have officially closed.

The lives of the people were seriously affected, the activities were delayed, most people isolated themselves in the house and did not communicate with the outside. Even the couple broke up just because of this.


Recently, a Wuhan girl (China) because she was too miserable when her boyfriend broke up badly, went online to share her story. Turns out, the reason she was “kicked” was because her boyfriend “didn’t want to fall in love with her”.

According to the girl, she and her boyfriend have been together for two years. Her boyfriend is Xinjiang, she is from Wuhan. Despite the distance, but the two are always trying, just the opportunity will not be afraid to be far to be together.

Unexpectedly, recently, an outbreak of acute pneumonia caused by Corona virus in Wuhan, Hubei broke out. Fearing illness, her boyfriend, after a few days of humming, officially said goodbye to her, causing her great suffering.

“How far is it possible to spread the infection. Even though I don’t ask to see him, I’m not infected yet, but he says he’s afraid of me carrying the germs of infection. He doesn’t want it because of love.” and lose my life. What should I do? I’m really miserable, “the girl wrote.

After the confession of the girl was posted, it received the attention of a large number of people. Most people believe that a guy is a coward, just looking for a reason to break up. A girl doesn’t need to be sad or hurt for such a person.

“Thousands of miles away, there’s no virus. The reason for such a forced breakup is clear. His mind has a problem, breaking up is good for you”, “He’s so stupid or are you pretending? Like this is afraid to talk over the phone also spread viruses or what? “,” The type of people in danger will abandon you, what do you regret doing? “… netizens coil comment.

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