The tour company organizes the tour despite the Corona season

While the Covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world, travel agencies dedicated to the university spring break still actively invite students to take trips abroad.

Nearly 50 University of Texas students in Austin, Texas, USA, had Corona-positive test results this week, after the group returned from vacation to Cabo San Lucas organized by the travel agency. JusCollege. The company has received much criticism for not accepting refunds and conducting tours despite all warnings. However, they are not the only ones.

On March 10-3, College Party Cruise – a Miami-based Ignite Cruises tour company informed students that they don’t need to be so worried about Covid-19.

In response to a student’s refund request, the company founder on David Lazarus said that the yacht will still leave the dock on 20 March: “We will not organize if we feel unsafe.”

Lazarus added that the Royal Caribbean, the third operator of the yacht, has fitted mandatory scanning screens for passengers. And the disinfection standard of yachts was also extremely high before the outbreak.

“The yacht is 1,000 thousand times cleaner than a university campus. When was the last time you saw people sanitize tables, stairs or elevator buttons at university? People do it here every half hour! ” – He added.

College Party Cruise confirms that the destination of the journey is the safest and most wonderful place in the world to visit at this time. And all of their events were completely unaffected by Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Dennis Bonnen, a spokesman for the Texas government, made harsh comments to students who chose to take the trip during the crisis.

“Be alert and overcome yourself. Do you think this is not a problem? Yes. Do you think this disease will not affect you? Completely opposite. In fact, your spring holiday in Mexico will affect many people. Think mature. ”

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