The US requested an immediate investigation to WHO

The United States called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to begin investigating the source of the Covid-19 pandemic virus and its response immediately.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Photo: AFP)

Reuters reported that the WHO board of 34 member countries, including the United States, today held a three-hour meeting today.

Brett P. Giroir, Undersecretary of the US Health Department, said in a letter to the meeting: “As President Trump made clear on Thursday, to WHO Director-General Tedros, there is no time left. In order to delay the reforms needed to ensure such a pandemic will never occur, we appreciate our call for a comprehensive, independent review based on consultations with countries. members and we are urging this to begin now. “

Mr. Giroir mentioned a resolution proposed by the European Union and approved by all 194 member states of the World Health Assembly at a meeting on May 19.

The resolution calls for a comprehensive assessment of the global Covid-19 pandemic response and is not limited to the WHO pandemic response at “the earliest appropriate time”.

“This investigation will ensure we have a clear and complete understanding of the origin, course of events and the decision-making process for WHO to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Giroir said. The official added that when the meeting meets in the fall, the WHO General Assembly should have the results of the evaluation and evaluation process and reforms to enhance the role of WHO, including allow Taiwan to attend the General Assembly as observers.

Speaking at today’s meeting, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that WHO has been making continuous efforts since the outbreak, including providing information and technical assistance to all cities. tablets. “WHO works day and night to coordinate global response at all three levels of the organization … To date, WHO has called for nearly $ 800 million for the Covid-19 response programs,” said Tedros.

WHO has faced criticism from a number of countries, especially the United States, because they claim that WHO has been late in responding to China’s pandemic and “pandemic” responses. The administration of US President Donald Trump last month decided to stop funding for WHO. In a letter to the WHO Director-General, which Trump posted on Twitter earlier this week, the White House owner warned that he would severely end WHO funding and withdraw US membership in the organization if the WHO did not improve significantly. counting within 30 days.

The Covid-19 epidemic originated in Wuhan, China late last year and has now spread to more than 210 countries and territories around the world. The pandemic caused more than 5 million people to get sick, of which more than 330,000 died. To date, the true origin of the deadly pandemic virus remains controversial. US officials hypothesized that the virus originated from a laboratory in Wuhan. However, China has repeatedly rejected it.

According to Reuters

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