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Unable to pay for the bus, the girl rides more than 1,200 km to take her father to her hometown

Because of not being able to pay for the passenger car, seeing that his father’s leg was injured, the 15-year-old girl decided to ride a bike, travel more than 1,200 km to take her father to her hometown.

Unable to pay for the bus, the girl rides more than 1,200 km to take her father to her hometown.

The story of a 15-year-old girl riding a bicycle carrying her injured leg to her hometown on a distance of over 1,200 km is touching Indian public opinion.

It was a girl named Jyoti Kumari, who lived in Darbhanga city, Bihar state. Her father is a worker in Delhi. During one of his work, he unfortunately injured his leg. It was also the time when India was having the Covid-19 epidemic, causing many people to become unemployed.

“The living expenses of the father and son are running out. The landlord presses you if he doesn’t pay the rent. Because there was no relative in Delhi, I decided to go home with my child to avoid the epidemic, ”the father said.

However, the return from Delhi to his home town of Darbhang is also a big problem. They only have about 600 rupees in their pocket. When talking to a driver, this person claims up to 6,000 rupees. Big money makes father and son unable to pay.

At that time, the little girl Kumari told her father to buy a bicycle for 500 rupees so that the father and son could go home together.

“I ride my bike all day and night, stopping at my meals. Father and son mainly ate at the relief stations. Some kind-hearted people who meet on the way also feed them, ”Kumari said.

Asked what it feels like to ride home, Kumari said: “I’m not scared even when cycling at night because I constantly see hundreds of people walking home on the road. My only concern is that if an accident occurs unfortunately, it is okay in the end. ”

The distance longer than 1,200 km to the countryside ends. The father and son arrived home safely, and Kumari was praised by the social media for her courage.

According to Timesofindia

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