Walking, laying children down the road

Ms. Chen did not notice any pain and only when she looked back, did she realize that she had just given birth to a baby by the side of the road.

The young Chinese mother looked back in surprise

A pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy while walking down the street. Surveillance cameras on the road recorded a shocking moment when the infant fell straight to the curb while the mother was walking with a man.

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The baby falls out of the woman walking on the road

The young mother was surprised to feel that something had fallen from her body and it was not until she finally recovered, turning around, that a child was clearly lying on the road.

The mother and the man walked away for a few seconds before a few passersby offered help. Some nearby residents rushed to the aid of the young woman and placed the baby in several clean towels before calling for help. At least 10 motorcyclists drove by while the mother was waiting for an ambulance.

According to local news channel Cover News, the young mother, identified as Ms. Chen, was taken to a hospital in the Taizhou town of Zhejiang province, China on May 4.

“It was a boy and his lips were black when I first saw him. After that, I lifted his foot and patted his buttocks a few times before he cried and his lips turned red. Later, I learned that my child was fine, “Ms. Chen told the media.

That means the whole process of birth, from the time of birth to the time the child cries and everyone runs to help, is only about 10 minutes. Many people who watched the video felt dizzy when Ms. Chen gave birth to such a fast child.

“It took me all night to have a baby and it was so painful. I’ve never seen a baby born so fast!”, A mother exclaimed.

“Childbirth is faster than the average person goes to the toilet. This is ridiculous!”, One netizen exclaimed.

The media said a hospital examination showed that Ms. Chen and her son were completely healthy. The two were quickly discharged from the hospital shortly thereafter.

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