when his back pain knows there … 3 kidney

A Brazilian man goes to the doctor because of severe back pain. The results of the CT scan showed that he had up to 3 kidneys.

Three kidneys in one body are “relatively rare,” according to a report by the National Kidney Foundation. This finding is usually by accident because it rarely causes symptoms.

According to the NEJM magazine, this phenomenon is usually not known until the patient is examined by another cause – as was the case with the Brazilian patient.

According to the report, the ureter, the urinary tract from the kidney to the bladder of this man originated from the left kidney near the pelvis and merged into the urine pipe of the other kidney in the normal position. The ureter of the kidney must be near the pelvis and into the bladder from the right side.

The development of “multiple kidneys” may result from abnormal division during embryogenesis or embryogenesis.

According to Foxnews

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